Disposable polypropylene trays for use in:

- Western Blot staining

- Dot blot staining


- Cell culture

- Hybridoma technology

- Antibody screening


Trays are designed for:

- Reproducible staining

- Minimal reagent consumption

- Labour saving procedures

- Elimination of contamination


The trays are moulded in high-quality polypropylene in order to minimize adsorption of proteins and interference with sensitive enzyme reagents. Furthermore, polypropylene is autoclavable.

Pkg of 10, for simultaneous immunological screenings of multiple membrane strips, each tray has eight 11 cm x 6 mm channels for membrane strips.

AG311    Western Blot Incubation Tray with lid - 8 lanes - 10/pk        $68.00 each         Add to cart