The antigen requirements for our antibody development services are listed below:

4 Mice (monoclonal project - includes ELISA screening) - 5 milligrams

2 Rabbits - 2 milligrams

2 Chickens - 1 milligram

1 Goat - 2 milligrams

1 Sheep - 2 milligrams

1 Llama - 2 milligrams

Antigen should be supplied in buffered (Phosphate, Tris, MOPS, Hepes) saline solution.

Insoluble antigen (inclusion bodies) is as good as a soluble one.

If using killed, whole cells/bacteria - plan on 1 x 10E7 cells (in 1-2 ml) for the entire regimen.

Desired antigen concentration is 1 mg/ml, however lower concentrations are also acceptable.

You can also send us just a band cut out from SDS-PAGE gel, which contains protein of interest. Avoid acetic acid denaturation by using Bio-Rad BioSafe stain - works very well for this application.


  • Additives toxic to animals, e.g. protease inhibitors such as PMSF, sodium azide etc.


  • Low amounts of SDS, imidazole, urea, guanidine, non-ionic detergents, EDTA or EGTA and polyacrylamide. Final amounts depend very much on sample volume/antigen concentration. Please, inquire.