Client supplied purified antibody is cleaved above the antibody “hinge region” to yield two Fab fragments per antibody molecule. The procedure is optimized using a separate optimization phase where the time of cleavage and amount of enzyme used is adjusted to suit your antibody. Uncleaved antibody, Fc fragments and papain are removed from your Fab fragments to yield a pure product


up to 25 milligrams

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2 weeks


Process yield is dependant on a number of factors, not the least of which are antibody isotype and species.  To adjust for these variables, an optimization is performed using a portion (0.25 mgs) of your antibody prior to digesting the entire amount supplied. In this way, we can adjust the reaction conditions to suit your antibody and give you the best results possible.

Data Provided

Protein concentration is documented (as determined using a bovine gamma globulin standard in a modified dye binding assay). Proper cleavage and purity are documented in an image of a coomassie stained SDS-PAGE gel that is supplied with your final product.


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Cleavage Diagram

Specification Sheet (PDF-50 KB)