Rotaviruses are the main cause of acute gastroenteritis, especially in children under the age of two years. Rotaviruses have been identified in almost 50% of the feces of children with gastroenteritis, responsible for 600,000-800,000 death annually. Rotavirus infections occur frequently during the winter months.

Gastroenteritis from enteric viruses can be mortal in risk populations such as children, the elderly or immunosuppressed individuals. Characteristic symptoms include vomiting, hydro-diarrhea for between 3 and 8 days, high temperature and stomach pains. Rotaviruses transferred via the fecal-oral route are eliminated in large quantities into the intestine, so that hospital-borne infections from rotaviruses are regarded very seriously, particularly in baby stations and pediatric clinics, and are difficult to control. Early and reliable detection so that rotaviruses can be recognized and further infections avoided is therefore very important.


Virusys has developed a highly sensitive and specific enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Rotavirus nucleoprotein antigen in complex sample matrices derived from both human and veterinary sources.

The test kit incorporates proprietary diluents that are designed to prevent the development of nonspecific signal derived from complex sample matrix effects and/or the nonspecific adsorption of reactive test components which result in improvements in both sensitivity and specificity .

The kit is available in a standard photometric detection format (RK288-2 or RK288-5). The kit has been tested against a variety of rotavirus subtypes for sensitivity and potentially interfering viruses and bacteria for specificity.



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