Antigen slides are particularly suited for immunofluorescence but can also be used in immunohistochemical protocols. Infected cells are mixed with uninfected cells so that each well of the slide has “built in” negative controls. Used with our optimized line of pre-mixed secondary antibodies, the antigen shows itself through bright green fluorescence against a dark red background of uninfected cells.

Each slide has eight separate wells set in a hydrophobic teflon mask. Reagents that are incubated on the infected cells sit as a “bead” on the well as the teflon keeps the liquid from spreading out. They are supplied in packages of five individually packaged slides and full instructions for use.


Herpes Simplex Type 1 Antigen Slide
Five, eight-well slides with AGMK cells infected with Herpes Simplex type 1 (MacIntyre).

H1G028    HSV-1 Antigen Slides (8 well) - 5/pack        $136.88 each         Add to cart