Target ProteinHSV-2 ICP8 Major DNA Binding Protein
Target Protein Also Known AspUL29, MDBP, DB120, ICP8
Clone Designation4E6
Species/Isotype Mouse IgG2a(k)
PurityAffinity Purified, > 95% IgG by SDS-PAGE
Supplied inPhosphate Buffered Saline pH 7.4 (no azide)
Protein Concentration1.0 mg/ml
Fill Volume110 µl
Immunofluorescence Titer1+ @ 1:12,800
ELISA Titer0.100 @ >1:102,400
Western Blot Titer> 1:16,000
Reference / Additional ReadingJ. Biol. Chem. (1991), 266(18):11413

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Immunofluorescence Results

Procedure uses Virusys # H2G029 10-well HSV-2 slides, # AG002 anti-Mouse -FITC F(ab')2 w/ counterstain and # AG065 StayBright Mounting Media. See SOP-137 for details.


HSV-2 IFA Image


Cross Reactivity Results

Determined by IFA (SOP-137) at an antibody dilution of 1:100 with Virusys # AG002 anti-Mouse-FITC F(ab')2 w/ counterstain and # AG065 StayBright Mounting Media.

Crossreactivity Data

ELISA Results

Antigen is Virusys # H1V016 HSV-1 Infected Cell Extract and # H2V017 HSV-2 Infected Cell Extract coated at a dilution of 1:100. See SOP-138 for procedure.


Western Blot Results

Antigen is Virusys # H2V017 HSV-2 Infected Cell Extract at 10 µg/cm. See SOP-128 for procedure.

HSV-2 ICP8 Western Blot

This product is intended for research and manufacturing uses only. It is not a diagnostic device. Upon receipt, store at -20°C or below. Product degradation will result from multiple freeze/thaw cycles. It is suggested that the antibody be stored in use size aliquots and thawed just prior to use. Storage at 2 - 8°C for up to two weeks is acceptable for unused portions.