Immunocapture and immunodetection methodologies that utilize paramagnetic bead technology have been widely used for the sensitive and specific detection/isolation of a variety of substances/organisms from a variety of sample matrices. Maximal sensitivity and specificity of these assays can only be achieved when the background/nonspecific activities of the samples have been minimized. The Virusys IMS Assay Buffer is designed to maximize the capture of viruses, bacteria, and parasites using paramagnetic beads, while minimizing the nonspecific trapping and attachment of materials derived from complex sample matricies.

Intended Use:
The Virusys IMS Assay Buffer is intended for use as a diluent for immunomagnetic separation assays. The diluent can be used for the direct dilution of water sample concentrates, environmental samples, enrichment broth, etc. and provides the appropriate environment for performing the IMS assay.
The Virusys IMS Assay Buffer can be used to improve the sensitivity and specificity of a variety of immunomagnetic separation assays including, but not limited to, the isolation of Listeria, Salmonella. E. coli O157, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia.
Provided as 1X solution, ready to use.
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