Investigator supplied herpesvirus samples are used to infect monolayers of appropriate susceptible cell line at 90% confluency. Samples are tested in duplicate using a six point dilution series (normally 10-2, 10-4, 10-6, 10-8 , 10-10 and 10-12 – other dilutions may be specified if desired). Monolayer is examined and reported at 3, 6, 9 and 12 days based on cytopathic effect.


5 to 9 samples

Catalog Number



3 - 4 weeks after receipt of test articles



Data Provided

Cytopathic effect scoring (+ or -) on each dilution in duplicate is reported. Data is used to calculate a tissue culture infectious dose (TCID) value representative of the amount of viable, infectious virus present in the original sample.



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