Your experimental serum vials are frozen and placed under a high vacuum in the presence of a very low temperature condenser coil to "draw out" the ice. The ice sublimates from your sample and collects in the coil, leaving your samples as dessicated "cakes" of protein. We will fill glass serum vials to your specifications, lyophilize, seal and cap with an aluminum tear seal. Labelling is available at additional cost.


Variable depending on vial size. For formulation testing and evaluation, very small batches can be done. Let us know of your needs.

Catalog Number



1 week


Full quantity less two vials that are sacrificed for product temperature monitoring.

Data Provided

Documentation of fill volume and lyophilization parameters.

Related Items/Additional Information

Hygroscopic buffer components and detergents are to be avoided in your product formulation - these items will interfere with the dryness of your final product. Supply your sample in bulk and we will vial it or vial it yourself in 1 ml serum vials with a 13 mm split stopper. Go ahead and push in the stopper and freeze. We will pull the stopper up when we do your samples.



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