The relative affinity of up to two antibody samples is determined in duplicate using covalently immobilized antigen or peptide. This is done in the absence and presence of a mild denaturing agent. The affinity is expressed as a ratio of the (inverse) dilution at which the sample exhibited a 0.500 absorbance in the absence and presence of denaturant. The entire range of dilutions is plotted versus absorbance on the provided certificate of completion.


One assay

Catalog Number



One week


Not applicable

Data Provided

The titer (as defined by the dilution where a 0.500 absorbance is recorded) is calculated and a graph of the entire titration curve is provided.

Additional Information

Please supply approximately 100 µg of antigen. Shipping instructions are included on the quotation.
Peptide must include a terminal (reduced) cysteine. Any peptide made by us will work without further modification.



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