We assemble your reagents into a highly optimized sandwich ELISA assay. The optimization includes the evaluation of solid phase binding pH and kinetics, antigen (primary) incubation times as well as conjugate (secondary) incubation times. Sample and conjugate matrix composition is investigated where necessary. Optimization is focused on achieving maximum assay sensitivity while minimising reagent use unless we are otherwise directed.


One assay optimization and validation

Catalog Number



3 - 4 weeks



Data Provided

A full report of all assay parameters is included as well as a protocol for you to follow when running the assay in your own lab. Assay sensitivity, inter and intra-assay c.v.'s (n=3 and 10 respectively), precision profile, standard curve linearity, range and limit are reported.

Related Items/Additional Information

We can help you source the reagents that we will need for your assay.
Specialized reagents such as enzyme or hapten conjugated monoclonal antibodies can be made for this assay.
We can also manufacture small batches of your optimised assay as a kit where all components are included "ready to use". Inquire for more information.



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