Previously titrated baculovirus is used to infect Sf-9 insect cells. The infection is allowed to progress for 3 - 4 days or until maximal cytopathic effect (CPE) is observed. Cells will be collected and extracted to your choice of extraction buffer. If the protein is secreted, the tissue culture supernatant is clarified to 0.45 µm.


5 liters of clarified fluids or a cell pellet resulting from 5 liters

Please note that you must supply at least 5 x 1010 PFU for the infection. You can have this produced for you separately - see AG078 Baculovirus Expansion and Titer

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1 - 2 weeks


Baculovirus recombinant protein expression has been documented as high as 1 gram per liter. In practice, however, yields of 1 - 5 milligrams per liter is common.

Data Provided

A report will be provided identifying the clone designation, the host cell used and the final protein concentration of the product.


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