An extract containing your GST tagged recombinant protein is purified using an immobilized glutathione column. We titrate the gel so that all available GST fusion protein is captured. Your protein is shipped to you in as pure a state as possible in minimal time. Thrombin cleavage is available as an additional service.


Cell paste from 100 liter fermentation

Catalog Number



2 - 3 weeks


Highly variable depending on insert size, expression promoter and host used. We use a column appropriately sized so that the majority of the available recombinant protein is captured.

Data Provided

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with your purified protein that provides the following data:
Buffer formulation
Protein Concentration
Digital image of your purified protein in a coomassie stained SDS-PAGE with MW markers
Digital image of your purified protein in a western blot developed with an anti-GST monoclonal antibody (optional).


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Sample Spec Sheet (PDF-60 KB)