An extract containing your histidine tagged recombinant protein is purified using an immobilized metal column. We can use your previously developed protocol, a standard "off the shelf" protocol or an optimized protocol that results from our investigation of adsorption/elution variables (see related items). Your protein is shipped to you in as pure a state as possible in minimal time.


Extract resulting from a 1 liter fermentation

Catalog Number



1 - 2 weeks


Highly variable depending on insert size, expression promoter and host used.
We use a column appropriately sized so that the majority of the available recombinant protein is captured.

Data Provided

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with your purified protein that provides the following data:
Buffer formulation
Protein Concentration
Digital image of your purified protein in a coomassie stained SDS-PAGE with MW markers
Digital image of your purified protein in a western blot developed with an anti-HIS monoclonal antibody (optional).


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Sample Spec Sheet (PDF-106 KB)