Immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) is used primarily in the purification of polyhistidine tagged recombinant proteins. This is achieved by using the natural tendency of histidine to chelate divalent metals. Placing the metal ion on a chromatographic support allows purification of the histidine tagged proteins but the concept is plagued by the inability to discriminate between the recombinant protein and other host proteins that happen to have available histidines. We apply our knowledge of time tested solutions to this problem to obtain a purification process that will dramatically minimize the host protein contamination of your purified protein.


One procedure

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Two weeks


Highly variable depending on insert size, expression promoter and host used.

Data Provided

This is an optimization protocol that is considered proprietary. We use standard methodologies in the purification of the protein, but cannot disclose exact procedures. This protocol is executed prior to IMAC purification services (see below).


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