Your protein is cleaved from it's purification tag using the thrombin cleavage site that is often included at the junction of the tag and your protein. Since every protein cleaves with slightly different kinetics, a time course and thrombin titration is performed to determine the optimum conditions for your protein. After digestion, the tag and residual thrombin are purified away to leave a purified "non-fused" recombinant protein.


1 procedure

Catalog Number



1 - 2 weeks


Highly variable depending on individual protein characteristics.

Data Provided

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with your purified protein that provides the following data:
Buffer formulation
Protein Concentration
Digital image of your purified protein in a coomassie stained SDS-PAGE with MW markers
Digital image of your purified protein in a western blot developed with your antibody.

Additional Information

To obtain the final western blot data, you must supply us with an appropriate antibody as without the tag our anti-tag antibody will no longer work to detect your protein.


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