To describe the procedure for inactivation of animal serum.




  • RMS-118 Fetal Calf Serum or
  • RMS-162 Normal Goat Serum


  • Waterbath GCA Model 122 (300 watts) or equivalent
  • Thermometer (VWR 61161-278 or equivalent)



  1. Record inactivation details and serum vendor lot number, catalog number and volume in laboratory notebook.
  2. Thaw bottle of serum overnight at room temperature (15 - 30 °C).
  3. The next day, heat water in waterbath to 56 °C +/- 1°.  This is approximately setting 5 on the dial.
  4. Mix the bottle of serum by inversion and place in waterbath for 30 minutes.  Water level should be sufficient to come within one inch of serum level in bottle.
  5. Remove bottle after 30 minute incubation and allow to cool for one hour at room temperature (15 - 30 °C).
  6. Aseptically aliquot to sterile 50 ml centrifuge tubes 25 ml per tube.  Label with contents, heat inactivation lot number and 5 year expiration date.
  7. Store at -20 °C.