Appropriate Control For:CMV, VZV, Rubeola Glycoproteins
Host CellNormal Human Dermal Fibroblast (NHDF) also known as HFS
Cell Line CharacterizationConfirmed negative for HIV and Hepatitis B
Purity Uninfected cell extract purified over lentil lectin.
InactivationInactivated as if infected - use as control for NHDF lentil lectin purified infected extracts
Supplied In50 mM tris, 1M NaCl, 1 mM MgCl2, 0.1% Triton X-100, 0.2M Methylmannopyrannoside pH 7.5
Protein Concentration0.1 mg/ml
Fill Volume1.03 ml (AV250-1)
ELISA (IgG) Titer>1:200
Western Blot TiterN/A
Reference and/or Additional ReadingExp. Cell Research (1961) 25:589

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ELISA Results

Antigen is Virusys # CV216 CMV Glycoproteins, VV147 VZV Glycoproteins, RV203 Rubeola Glycoproteins and #AV250 NHDF Glycoprotein Control coated at various dilutions in PBS. Primary antibodies are human plasmas previously characterized for the respective serology.