Virusys DryCoat Assay Stabilizer is a mixture of non-toxic components that greatly enhances the long term stability of many immobilized antigens and antibodies. The solution is supplied ready to use and in most cases, can replace your current blocking solution. When properly applied, immunoassay plates or membranes may be completely dried, while sacrificing little, if any, of the activity of the fully hydrated protein.

Virusys DryCoat Assay Stabilizer can be readily incorporated into most immunoassay production protocols. Simply immobilize or adsorb the antigen or antibody according to your established protocol and wash to remove excess and weakly bound material. Immediately after washing, before the substrate has dried, add sufficient DryCoat Assay Stabilizer to contact all adsorbed protein. Incubate at room temperature 15 - 45 minutes to allow interaction of the stabilizer ingredients with the active protein. Aspirate or “flick” out the stabilizer (do not wash), and dry. Packaging in a vapor barrier bag with a 1 - 2 g desiccant pouch will ensure optimum stablility.

To test the stabilizer, prepare two sets of plates or membranes, using normal blocking buffer for one set and the stabilizer to block the second set. Dry the plate or membrane at room temperature for one hour, then transfer to a desiccator (or equivalent) for overnight drying. Place the test materials in a vapor barrier pouch with one 2 gram desiccant package and heat seal the pouch. Incubate matched sets at 4°C and  60° C for three to five days. Test for activity by your assay procedure. Typically, there will be a dramatic difference in the activity of the stabilized and unstabilized surfaces. To extrapolate expiration dating, a more stringent testing procedure will need to be performed.

The basis of accelerated stability testing is discussed here.

Three different formulations are currently offered:

DryCoat - no added protein

Your own blocking protein is added just before use.  Best for assays that have been developed with unusual blocking proteins or protein blends. 

AG066-1    DryCoat Assay Stabilizer - No added protein - 1 liter        $213.53 each         Add to cart


DryCoat with blocking protein

Contains bovine serum albumin (BSA) as a blocker. Suitable for most assays.

AG044-1    DryCoat Assay Stabilizer with blocking protein - 1 liter        $213.53 each         Add to cart


DryCoat with AquaBlock

Contains non-mammalian blocking protein for those applications that need to avoid mammalian interferences.

AG067-1    DryCoat Assay Stabilizer with SeaBlock Blocking Protein - 1 liter        $213.53 each         Add to cart