Instead of using immobilized peptide or antigen to purify antibody (see Immunoaffinity Antibody Purification), we use immobilized antibody to purify antigen. The antibody can be either monoclonal or polyclonal. Usually, polyclonal antibody gives the best chance of success due to its multi-epitope specificity.


4 load volumes on a 5 milliliter antibody column

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2 weeks


Depending on the molecular weight and concentration of the antigen and the affinity of the antibody, yields can be anywhere from several micrograms to several milligrams. This service enables scale up estimates to be made for larger preparations.

Data Provided

Certificate of analysis that documents protein concentration and purity by reducing SDS-PAGE

Additional Information

We will need 10 milligrams antibody and up to 100 milliliters cell culture extract to perform the purification.


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Sample Spec Sheet (PDF-60 KB)