Using residual peptide from an immunogen synthesis or your own antigen that you supply, we covalently couple the peptide or protein to a solid support. This support is then used to immunoaffinity purify your antibody from animal serum or a partially purified preparation of hyperimmune egg yolks.


80 mililiters serum or twelve egg yolks

Catalog Number



2 weeks


1 - 10 milligrams of specific antibody is obtained per egg yolk or 100 to 500 micrograms per milliliter animal serum, depending on the characteristics of the antigen used for immunization.

Data Provided

Certificate of analysis that documents protein concentration and purity by non-reducing SDS-PAGE

Additional Information

We will need 10 milligrams peptide or 2 - 5 milligrams purified protein to perform the purification. If you are using peptide (and we made it for you) we can use the "leftover" from the carrier protein conjugation. If we are using your peptide or protein for the purification, you will need to send it to us.


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Sample Spec Sheet (PDF-60 KB)