Goat Antibody

One goat is immunized via intramuscular injection with client supplied antigen. Towards the end of the protocol, 3 production bleeds are taken and the animals placed on rest pending your testing results.


1 animal immunized 5 times. Three production bleeds are pooled together for a total of approximately 1,000 ml serum at project completion.

Catalog Number



Approximately 14 weeks


Production bleeds are approximate 300 ml serum per animal. Exanguination bleeds are approximately 1000 ml per animal. Purified antibody yield (total) can be expected to be approximately 20 - 30 mg/ml serum while specific antibody can be approximately 0.1- 0.5 mg/ml depending on the characteristics of the immunizing antigen..

Data Provided

Documentation regarding animal and immunogen.

Additional Information

Client needs to provide 2 milligrams antigen at a minimum of 0.5 mg/ml in PBS . 



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