Custom Services

Additional information regarding the many custom laboratory services we offer.

# Article Title
1 E. coli extraction (Hot!)
2 Mab Development (Hot!)
3 GST Cleavage (Hot!)
4 Is My Protein Antigenic? (Hot!)
5 Texas Red Labelling (Hot!)
6 PFU Assay (Hot!)
7 ELISA Plate Drying (Hot!)
8 Peptide Synthesis (Hot!)
9 Endpoint Titer of Mab Development Mice (Hot!)
10 HRP Conjugate MW (Hot!)
11 Insoluble Antigens (Hot!)
12 Prepare SDS-PAGE Antigens (Hot!)
13 Rotavirus Inactivation (Hot!)
14 Electroelution of antigen from SDS-PAGE gels (Hot!)
15 Protein Secretion in BV (Hot!)
16 Express CMV pUL94? (Hot!)
17 Urea Solubilized Protein for Mabs? (Hot!)
18 Peptide Solubility (Hot!)
19 HRP Conjugated CMV, Toxo (Hot!)